New Summer Dinner Menu! Oh Boy!

Adobo Roasted Pork Shoulder

Asadero-Hominy Souffle, Avocado-Grapefruit Salad, Mango Mojo


Adobo is a semi sweet, smoky and spicy chili sauce with Spanish origins. Here this sauce is brightened with orange and the meat is lightly charred over the grill before being draped with the sauce then topped with fresh pineapple and wrapped with banana leaves and slow cooked for around 6 hours. The meat will be somewhat broken apart then reheated over the grill while basting with the pan juices. The pork is served with a cheesy souffle of ground hominy scallion and eggs. Asadero is a whole milk cheese with a low melting point and a creamy milde flavor. Fresh avocado is sliced to order and dressed with grapefruit supremes, radish and cilantro leaves. The dish is finished with a Cuban descended condiment of pureed mango, rosemary, garlic and oil.


Cedar Plank Roasted Tasmanian Salmon

Charred Corn Fritters, Grilled Onion Relish, Bacon, Blackberry Coulis

Southern Australian Farm Raised Tasmanian Salmon is flown in to us via FedEx. For this preparation, the salmon is marinated with a lemon zest and rosemary infused oil, then placed on a hot cedar plank, after wich a bit of the pine oil aromas will lightly flavor the fish. The cooked salmon is then placed on the plate and garnished with grilled red onions flavored with raspberry vinegar and parsley leaves. Seasonal sweet corn is roasted on the cob, then cut off and folded into a batter before being fried crispy. Crumbles of bacon and a puree of summer plackberries and caramelized shallots will finish the dish.


Clark Family Farm Sausage Stuffed Chicken

Yukon Fries, Chanterelle Mushrooms and Hearty Greens, Pommery Pan Sauce

Free range local chicken are brined then stuffed with a force meat of the ground leg and thigh meat. Yukon potatoes are buttermilk fried and the chanterelle mushrooms are sauteed with shallot, garlic, kale and spinach as a base for the chicken. The roasting pan is deglazed with white wine, French grainy mustard (pommery) and butter to create the pan sauce.


Ginger-Lime Leaf Pork Sausage

Rice Pappardelle, Broccoli, Torn Herbs, Vietnamese Caramel

This is inspired by Southeast Asian street food, and the intense flavors found in those amazing dishes. The sausege is spicy and aromatic. Wide rice noodles serve as a base for the sauce. A dark caramel spiked with chili, garlic, lime, and fish sauce. The broccoli is simply cooked to take on, and elevate the occurring flavors. The freshly torn basil, cilantro, and mint add a summery note. Crispy leeks for garnish.


Goddard Farm Goat Cheese-Leek Tart

Swiss Chard, Roast Mushrooms, Green Peppercorn Sweet and Sour Sauce

Richly balanced in flavor, yet light on the palate. This is a traditional custard based tart with goat cheese, and melted leeks in a flaky shell. Roasted local mushrooms add depth, while flash fried swiss chard lends crunch and ‘greenness.’ The sweet and sour or agrodolce, is made of a reduction of sugar, honey, vinegar, capers and green peppercorn.

House Bacon Wrapped Beef Filet

Cave Aged Cheddar and Onion Risotto, Sous Vide Radish, Apple Veal Jus

House cure and smoked bacon is wrapped around a 7-8 oz local beef filet then pan seared and roasted. A risottto flavored with leeks, sweet onion and green onion along with dank cave aged cheddar cheese. The radishes are marinated with mild pickle brine then placed in cryovac and cooked at 185 for about 1 1/2 hours. This retains their color and strength but softens them just a bit. The roasting pan is deglazed with the apple and brandy spiked veal jus to create the sauce.


Pendleton’s Fried Green “BLT”

House-Cured Bacon, Arugula, Grilled Peaches, Pickled Mustard Seed Aioli

This is a BLT sandwich flipped on its ass. Familiar tastes and textures are brought together in a different way for a deeply satisfying take on a classic.


Pepper and Lime Rubbed Venison Leg

Slow Cooked Field Peas, Fried Tomatillos, Pickled Pepper Aioli

The venison is rubbed with a marinade of lime zest, black, white and green peppercorn then cooked to temperature over the grill. Rare to med-rare is the preferred temp here please. Anything past medium really starts to degrade this lean cut of meat. Field peas are simmered with ham hock and the trinity of vegetable for several hours until the ham hock is tender and the beans have begun to lose their shape. Tangy tomatillos are quartered then beer battered and fried golden. An aioli of spicy pickled peppers will finish the plate.

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