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Weenie Roast at Pachamamas

Title: Weenie Roast at Pachamamas
Location: South parking lot of Pachamamas, adjacent to the farmers market
Description: Food. Music. Crafts. Drinks.

Join us Saturday, June 7th, 10am to 4pm for a Weenie Roast at Pachamamas.

You’ll be able to find us in our parking lot just south of Pachamamas. We’ll be adjacent to the Lawrence Farmers Market.

We’ll have housemade hot dogs and side items available for purchase, as well as beer and non-alcoholic beverages.

Not hungry? Then stop by for offerings from some local craftspeople or music from a talented local DJ.

Admission is free so we hope to see you all there!
Start Time: 10:00
Date: 2014-06-07
End Time: 16:00

Easter Brunch at Pachamamas. Sunday, April 20th

Please join us Sunday, April 20th from 11am to 2pm for Easter Brunch at Pachamamas.

Please call 785-841-0990 to make your reservation. Price is $35/ person, before tax and gratuity. Kids choices will be available.

Reservations are required, and a valid credit card is needed to guarantee the booking.

* * *


Sunday April 20th, 2014

11a – 2p

* * *

Truffle and Herb Slow Scrambled Eggs

House Cured Salmon, “Everything” Bagel Crunch

Choice of

Shrimp and White Corn Grits Soup

Morels, Hazelnut, Chorizo Oil, Charred Spring Onion Crema


Grilled Local Asparagus

Pea Tendrils, Toasted Tellicherry Poundcake, Pistachio, Blushing Hollandaise

House Corned Beef-Potato Hash

Quail Egg, Pickled Chile Kraut, Toasted Garlic-Mustard Dressing

Entrée, choice of

Brioche French Toast

Maple Whipped Yogurt, Blueberry Syrup, Pecan Granola Crumble

Pan Fried Rainbow Trout

Applewood Smoked Bacon, Mint Crushed New Potatoes, Favas, “Rye” Labneh


Cast Iron Steak and Egg

Grilled Artichoke Heart, Porcini Sausage Gravy, Sunny Egg, Watercress

Something Sweet

New Dinner Menu for Spring 2014

We’ve posted the new Dinner Menu for this Spring of 2014. You can find the menu under the drop down “food+drink” button.

The new menu items will be available for tonight’s (March 20th, 2014) dinner service. The dining room opens at 5pm. Reservations are not required but are highly encouraged.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Lustau Sherry Dinner

Pachamamas invites you to attend…

Join us March 12th, 2014 at 6:30pm for a very special five course dinner featuring sherries from Lustau.

Unfamiliar with the world of sherries? Let Chef Ken Baker and Lustau guide you through the nuances and subtleties of this often misunderstood and underappreciated spirit.

Chef Ken is proud to feature Lustau. Known for their commitment to quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, preserving history and breadth of sherry offerings, Lustau is one of the premiere sherry producers in Spain, and often ranked in the top ten sherry makers from around the world.

Come learn Lustau’s presence in the past, present and future of sherry production as Araceli Gascón, US Brand Abassador for Lustau, discusses the twists and turns of this internationally sought-out wines.




Cider Battered Onion

Malt Vinegar Bath

White Celery Heart Gazpacho Shot

Almonds, Raisins, Capers

Nduja Toasts

Black Olive Spread



Smoked Mussels, Roasted Beets, Goddard Farm Goat Milk Feta,

Chorizo Oil, White Anchovy, Fried Fennel


Spice Roasted Quail

Porcini Risotto, Crispy Collards, Foie Shagbark Hickory Syrup


New Zealand Venison

Sunchoke, Morcilla, Blood Orange Caramel, Black Cocoa, Grilled Hazelnut


Whipped Cabrales

Candied Ham, Bosc Pear, Walnut-Rye Crumble

East India

Fig Ice Cream

Toasted Poppy Lemon Scented Shortbread

Pedro Jimenez

$65 per person, before tax and eighteen percent gratuity. Reservations are required. Please call the restaurant at 785-841-0990 to book your spot.

Must be 21 years of age. A valid credit card is required to hold the reservation.


“This is a good country –much better in many respects than the Fatherland. The vine-clad hills of the old country are not so rich as the rocky hills of Wabaunsee County.” –Sebastian Nehring, Feiden ancestor, Kansas pioneer.

Mark Feiden is a sixth-generation Kansan with pioneer roots in Wabaunsee and Reno counties. Originally from Wichita, Mark began exploring the back roads of Kansas as an alternative to the Turnpike while attending the University of Kansas during the early 1980’s. What began as a diversion soon became a dedication–to the sharing of “this… good country” through photography and other works. In 1997, Mark cofounded The Konza Press with the express mission of promoting the people, places and rich history of Kansas through the work of native artists and photographers.

Mark, whose images have appeared in numerous publications, has coauthored four books on Kansas. His most recent title, “The Flint Hills,” combines his photographs with an essay by well-known Kansas writer, cowboy and Flint Hills historian Jim Hoy.

Mark holds two degrees from the University of Kansas where he as also taught as a Guest Lecturer. In addition to photography and publishing, Mark consults as a Graphic, Interaction and Information Designer. For the last three years, Mark has been partnered with Louis Copt in operation of the Copt/Feiden Gallery—a “pop-up” space in downtown Lawrence, Kansas.


I suppose that my images are “art” insofar as they succeed in communicating my deep and abiding affection for the plains landscape–one that is subtle yet complex, forever changing and inextricably linked to the weather. My work, however, was born and continues to be centered not so much on a desire to express, but rather to document and share.

There also exists in my work a certain genealogical motivation. The Kansas landscape, timeless in a way, is the common thread that laces together 152 years and four sides of my family. As I drive a rolling Flint Hills road or stand overlooking a hay meadow, I imagine that I am enjoying very much the same view as my grandfather and his grandfather before him. My sense of self is somehow interwoven with the landscape, and photography has provided not only the means for sharing, but also the excuse for continued exploration–both inward and outward.

Spring Supper Club

Some of you have seen it and some of you have not. In case you are one of the have-nots, here is a lil’ pic of our newly redecorated Star Bar Lounge! Doesn’t it look sweet? Are you all of a sudden feeling compelled to come in and enjoy a tasty beverage? Well, that is why we made it. All for you. Check out that beautiful looking table in the middle of the room. That baby is made from 300 year old wood, harvested straight out of the original Standard Oil building in East Lawrence. John Davison Rockefeller wood. Say what you will about the man, but he apparently knew how to select timbers. Back to the point of this entry . . . so, since we have this amazing new space, we thought it would be appropriate to use it for a Supper Club of sorts. This will be a quarterly dinner (for now) that will be served family style, and will incorporate seasonal dishes as well as a cocktail ‘hour’ featuring a signature cocktail of sorts. Space is limited to 20 people, and the price will be fixed at $45 per person. The inaugural Supper Club will be held next Wednesday April 17th at 6:30 pm. Yes this is super short notice, but you should just call anyway . . . as I type this entry there are still 12 spots available. We are incredibly excited about this, and hope that you are too. If I were you, I would demand that we do more than 4 a year. Just drop us a line: 785-841-0990

And now, the menu:

Spring Supper Club Menu

Wednesday April 17, 2013


Buttermilk—English Pea Shooter

Mint, Parmesan Tuile

Salad of Wakarusa Green

Shaved Radish, Strawberry, Crispy Onion, Green Goddess

Slow Roasted Dry—Aged

“Prime Rib” of Kansas Beef

Au Jus, Herbed Horseradish Beef Jerky Butter

Grilled Asparagus

New Fingerling Potatoes

Warm Lemon Pound Cake

Toasted Poppy Seed Almond Ice Cream, Early Berries